Sunday, May 4, 2014

uGFX Notepad on STM32F429I Discovery FreeRTOS

1 Introduction

FreeRTOS 8.0.0 on 32F429IDISCOVERY board that demostrates uGFX notepad.
Building the projects requires an arm-none-eabi- toolchain with Cortex-M4F support. The known working toolchains are:

2 Get FreeRTOS and STM32F429 Discovery Firmware Ready

Download and decompress the FreeRTOS V8.0.0 from sourceforge.
Winfred note on May 22 2014: These projects are tested also working with the current FreeRTOS (V8.0.1).
Download and decompress the STM32F429 discovery firmware package from STMicroelectronics website.
Clone and build the project.
git clone
cd stm32f429-freertos800
stlink is required to flash the binary to the STM32F429I Discovery board. With stlink in the $PATH, then
make flash

3 Download uGFX project

This would be only required if you would like to build the uGFX basic or notepad project.
git co
Winfred note on May 22 2014: It is not required to checkout freertos branch now. The freertos branch has been merged to master.
Refrence: uGFX home and uGFX forum

4 Build and Test uGFX projects

  1. basic uGFX application
    make clean
    make ugfx-basic
    With LED flash tasks existing, the LCD task draws a yellow box, a blue full rectangle, a red line, and a white dotted curve.

  2. uGFX notepad application
    make clean
    make ugfx
    With LED flash tasks existing, the LCD task demostrates notepad application after the LCD calibration. Watch the Demo video:
Author: Winfred Lu
Created: 2014-05-04 Sun
Emacs (Org mode 8.2.5h)


JoergSH said...

Hey thats great. Thanks a lot!!!!

Tectu said...

Hello Winfred,

It's really great work you do there.
I'm the founder and maintainer of the uGFX project and I'd love to include some official demos like that into the repository to give people an easy start. Would you be interested?
If you don't mind, I'll also put a link to this blog post in our news section :)

Kind regards,
~ Joel Bodenmann

Winfred said...

Hi Tectu,

Please feel free to include anything in the blog you find that is helpful. :)

uGFX is an awesome project. Thank you for all the efforts.


Tectu said...

Hi Winfred,

Would it be possible that you contact me through the e-mail address that is listed under the imprint section of the uGFX homepage so we can have a short talk about this?

Best regards,
~ Joel Bodenmann

JoergSH said...

Hello Winfred,
could You port that to a project? It s a nice IDE with bare metal compile and nice debug features ;)

Winfred said...

Hi Jörg,
There is a STM32F4 project.

It won't be too difficult to do similar on STM32F429. :)

JoergSH said...

Hello Winfred,
I get it work to use Your Sample.


Unknown said...

hi winfred,
great work.
just small note - openocd will work too.

Winfred said...

Thank you Jiri.
Yes. openocd works well, actually, it works better in some cases.
It is just because the command syntax of stlink looks simpler. ;)

Unknown said...

will be hard to port it to chibiosrt + ugfx?

Winfred said...

Hi Jiri,

It shouldn't be too hard. Actually, someone has done it.
Please checkout